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Tufted Chairs and Cactus Hairs: Home Decor

Embracing My Home Decor Obsession

If you would have told my 15 year old self that I would spend over $3,000 in one month for home decor, I’d say you were confusing me with a 38 year old mom that has a subscription to Good Housekeeping and a trust fund. Honestly, think of all the Abercrombie and Fitch shirts that $3k could buy.

Thankfully, the areas in which I invest my money and interests have matured as has my taste in clothing.  It’s funny how things you said you’d always be interested in as a young girl begin morphing into the stereotypical interests of the rest of the population within your age range. As children, Taigen and I vowed that when we were old enough to travel, we’d still be playing Barbies or pretending we were dogs but doing it somewhere in Europe. We can thank God that didn’t happen. Now, I find myself breaking teenage-Tali’s vow to spend most of my money on clothes and shoes in adulthood – who cares what the home looks like?

Forget wrinkles and bad eyes, my bank statement is probably the most evident sign of maturing as I begin to spend more money on groceries and home decor than alcohol and bodycon dresses. I first began to shift my interests once my boyfriend, Brian, invested in a NoHo apartment. This new apartment meant a lot of things: a hip new neighborhood, no more sky high rent for something we’ll never own, and the next step in our relationship. I never imagined it would mean using the Wayfair app more frequently than Instagram or spending hours of my Saturday at Home Goods.

As telling and expensive as my new interests might be, all I have to do is take a look around and I’m sold. An eclectic marriage of industrial, beachy and modern, our apartment is adorned with natural walls and floors and sprinkled with copper accents. The new cactus I picked up on 30th street is one of our favorite additions – along with the blue velvet tufted chair and matching blue prints of Brian’s family boat. Brian and I can’t wait to see how the apartment evolves as we continue to invest in our new home. Despite breaching several boundaries I’ve set in the past, including my new home decor obsession, consider this my formal promise to never develop an interest in Bingo and Raisin Bran in future stages.

X0, Tali

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